Our Pastor


Greetings and Welcome!

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church. We are excited with the opportunity

to lead and share with such great people. God has truly allowed and is blessing a marriage that we hope will continue to be blessed by Him and given longevity according to His will. We recall and paraphrase the words of Solomon in I Kings
when he said, “I am a little child; I don’t how to go out or come in
before such a great people, so, show me how to lead such a great

We pray that God will continue to lead us in the path that He would
have us to travel; that we would accomplish all that He has set forth
for us to accomplish. For we believe that as long as He leads us, we
will not be led astray. As long as He speaks to us, we will hear truth.
As long as He touches us , we will fill the comfort of His loving arms.

As we begin this journey, we solicit your prayers and assistance.
We still believe that it takes a village to raise a child. And as we
continue to add to the body of Christ, we pray that we will walk and
present ourselves as living sacrifices to Christ and before the younger
members of the body of Christ.

We thank each of you for your prayers and other heart felt measures
of inspiration. We pray that you will continue to pray and ask God to
bless the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church family as we journey
up the King’s highway.

Pastor Craig Carmichael and Mother Jackie Carmichael

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